Rustic clay pot with matching saucer. All pots are unique and handmade.Colour and shape may vary due to the nature of how they are made. ~ SMALL Outer diameter - 10cmInner diameter - 8cmOuter height - 8cmInner height - 11cm~ MEDIUM- Outer diameter - 14cm- Inner diameter - 12cm- Outer height - 15cm- Inner height - 14cm~ LARGE- Outer diameter - 20cm- Inner diameter - 18cm- Outer height - 20cm- Inner height - 19cmEXTRA LARGE- Outer diameter - 24cm- Inner diameter - 22cm- Outer height - 30cm- Inner height - 29cm

Blackstone 'Rose' Pot with Saucer

  • Each pot has a drainage hole and comes with a saucer.

    Each rustic pot is handmade and put out in a feild to naturally weather. This means each are unique. Slight variations in colour and shape should be expected. 

    diameter is measured from the outside. We recommend pairing these rustic pots with plastic pots 2cm smaller.