• Conical flask - flat bottom, conical body with cylindrical neck


    The conical flask - this beautifully shaped vessel, also traditionally known as the Erlenmeyer flask  features a flat bottom, a conical body, and a cylindrical neck. It is named after the German chemist Emil Erlenmeyer, who created it in 1860. Perfect as a wine decanter, water jug, sangria delight, stunning vase or simply for decoration.

    Available in 125ml,250ml,500ml,1000ml, 2000ml, 3000ml and 5000ml. Starting at just $5.

    Conical Flask

    • 125ml:    30mm (w) at neck, 65mm at base x 110mm (h)
      250ml:   40mm (w) at neck, 90mm at base x 150mm (h)
      500ml:   40mm (w) at neck, 110mm at base x 180mm (h)
      1000ml: 45mm (w) at neck, 125mm at base x 215mm (h)
      2000ml: 55mm (w) at neck, 165mm at base x 275mm (h)
      3000ml: 55mm (w) at neck, 190mm at base x 310mm (h)
      5000ml: 70mm (w) at neck, 240mm at base x 380mm (h)

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